Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Frebertshauser's (Friebertschauser's) can only be traced back to 18th Century Marburg, Hesse-Cassel, Germany; and Tawney's (Taney's) also go back to 18th Century, England.

It appears that my great-grandfather, Herman Frebertshauser, and great, great uncle Adam Friebertshauser were the first Friebertschauser's to come to the U. S. And, the only ones to immigrate to Baltimore. Herman dropped both the "i" and the "c" from his surname. Adam, like most in this country, dropped only the "c".

Herman married Margaretha(Margaret) Schnell from Hesse-Darnstadt, Germany. My grandfather, Adam Conrad, was born in Baltimore in 1858. Herman, Margaret, and son Adam, moved to Brehm Road, Carroll County, Md. in 1861. Brother Adam stayed in Baltimore. Both served in the Civil War. Adam was wounded and discharged from a Washington, D.C. hospital. Herman caught pneumonia while pinned down in a river during a battle, came home a sick man, and never fully recovered. He died before 1867 and was buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetary, nr. Upperco, Md., apparently in an unmarked grave. The old cemetary records were destroyed in a church fire. Although Margaret immigrated to the Reading Area, before coming to Baltimore with her brother William, some of her relatives were located in Hampstead, Md. That is perhaps the reason that Herman was buried at St. Paul's. Adam, my grandfather was only 8 or 9 when Herman died. Margaret worked at Western Maryland College, I suppose in the maintenace department, to supplement her income. Adam, must have become a farmer, early in life, helping his mother make a living. When Margaret died in 1911, she was buried in Leisters Church Cemetary, close to her son Adam's gravesite.

Brother Adam appeared in the U. S. Federal Census of 1870, but apparently died before 1880. His wife, Charlotte, remarried and the family relocated in the Philadelphia Area. A son, August, remained in Baltimore. When Charlotte died, the other brothers, Henry and William, apparently unmarried, continued to live in the Philadelphia Area with daughter Mary Fahlen. She, and husband Edwin, had 3 children, Hattie, F. William, and Charlotte. Daughter Annsteny apparently married but her fate is unknown to us.

After 1870, other Friebertshauser's began immigrating to the Wheeling, Pittsburgh, and New York Areas. From these areas, some later migrated to California, Nebraska, Georgia, and Florida.

The Tawney's(Taney's) came to Frederick County(Carroll County was made up of the Eastern portion of Frederick County and the Western part of Baltimore County in 1840) from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and settled Taneytown, MD. Brooks Taney, 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Maryland Legislature, 12th U. S. Attorney General, and former Secretary of the Treasury was most probably a relative. He was at the right place, at the right time, with the right surname, but, I could not connect Frederick Tawney, our oldest ancestor, for a certainty. Brooks was married to Anne Phoebe Charlton Key, Francis Scott Key's sister from Carroll County, Md. Both Brooks and Francis had ships named after them. The U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Taney (WHEC-37) was named after Brooks and the submarine, U. S. S. Francis Scott Key was named after Francis.


  1. So happy to have found your blog. I was playing around with the family tree and hit a roadblock at Adam Frebertshauser. You should remember me - Debbie Green, one of Bud (Charles) and Mary Green's kids. Mary was one of Anna Frebertshauser Neat's daughters. Loved visiting out on Brehm Road! Good to find you - hope all is well!

    1. Hi Deb, Sure do remember you. Great to hear from you. I have created a website for my wife Luanne and I. Send your email if you would like to become a free site member. There is information and pictures on it. Our email is Bob
      Luanne Leatherman & amp; Bob Frebertshauser

  2. Hello - my name is Bob Carback. My wife Kim and I became the owners of 1519 Brehm Rd back in January of this year. We are both very interested in the history of the property. Would you be willing to share the history and maybe some pictures of the property from over the years? We've met Shane and April and hopefully they will vouch for us :-)
    If you are willing to you can contact me directly at - Thank you - Bob Carback